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Trump ends standoff with Ryan, strains to fix split GOP

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The Labor Department reported Friday that U.S. employers added a healthy 255,000 jobs in July, a sign of confidence that could point to a resilient economy http://www.growtopiahackcheats.com/.

Trump’s approach to national security came under fire Friday as well, with former CIA Director Michael Morell contending the Republican nominee would make “a poor, even dangerous commander in chief.”

Morell, outlining his views in The New York Times, also questioned Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin http://www.bestfiendshack.com/bestfiendshack/.

“In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation,” wrote Morell.

Trump conceded Friday he was wrong to claim repeatedly in recent days that he saw a video of a U.S. cash payment going to Iran gta5hackcheats.com.

The New York billionaire has cited a $400 million payment the U.S. made to Iran this year, delivered on the same day that Iran released four American hostages. Trump charged on Thursday in vivid detail that the Iranian government released a video of the cash exchange to embarrass America.

“The plane I saw on television was the hostage plane in Geneva, Switzerland, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to Iran!” Trump tweeted Friday morning www.nbalivemobilehacks.com.

The White House has insisted the payment had nothing to do with the release of the hostages. Friday night, Trump called that explanation “a lie.”

In Iowa, he blamed the “dishonest” media for the fuss over an incident earlier in the week in which he asked a screaming baby to leave a rally.

“I don’t throw babies out,” Trump said. “I love babies www.gratisclashroyalehack.nl.”